Jesus Returned to Heaven

Bible Passage: Matthew 28; Acts 1

Story Point: Jesus gave His disciples the Great Commission

Memory Verse

Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die”

John 11:25


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Jesus Returned to Heaven

Questions from Kids

Discussion Questions:

Guide your kid(s) to open their Bibles to Acts 1. Explain that the Book of Acts was written by a doctor named Luke, who also wrote the Gospel of Luke. Read aloud Acts 1:8. 

Where did Jesus say the disciples were to go?Jesus gave His disciples the Great Commission. He knew they needed a plan. Jesus said to start in Jerusalem and then spread out to Judea, then to Samaria, and then to the end of the earth. Jesus calls everyone who follows Him to share the good news of the gospel in their city, nation, and around the world. 

Ask the following questions and discuss:

What is the Great Commission?

Lead your kid(s) to recognize that Jesus is in heaven, and He is going to come back someday. While we wait for Him, we have a special mission. Jesus wants us to help more people follow Him. The Great Commission is Jesus’ command that His disciples go out and preach the gospel to all people. Read 2 Pet. 3:9

Why is obeying the Great Commission so important?

Help your kid(s) recognize that because of the obedience of believers before us, we can know and respond to the gospel. Jesus wants us to tell others about Him too. Encourage your kid(s) to obey Jesus’ Great Commission. Read Rom. 10:14

How does the Great Commission apply to us?

Emphasize that the Great Commission wasn’t just for Jesus’ disciples. It is a command for everyone who believes in Him! Everyone needs to hear this good news. God calls some people to travel to faraway places to share the gospel, and sometimes He calls people to stay where they are and share the gospel with their neighbors. God wants believers to share the gospel with everyone in the whole world. Read Rom. 1:16


Multiply It


• paper • scissors

Show your kid(s) a single piece of paper. Invite your kid(s) to estimate how long it is. Ask them if they think you could make it any longer. How long? Cut the paper in thin strips, from alternate sides, leaving a half inch margin so the strips stay connected. The thinner the strips, the more cuts you can make, making the paper longer. Don’t pull too hard when you stretch the paper or it will tear. 

Activity Takeaway

This is still the same sheet of paper, but look how we multiplied the length. Before Jesus left earth for heaven, He told the disciples to multiply themselves. We’ll learn today what Jesus meant.