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Habakkuk the Prophet

Bible Passage: Habakkuk

Story Point: Habakkuk learned to have faith and trust in God

The Big Picture Question:

How did God plan to fix what sin broke?

Answer: Before He created the world, God planned to send the Messiah to save sinners.

Memory Verse

“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14


Wake- Hillsong Y&F

This is living- Hillsong (Y&F)

Habakkuk the Prophet

Questions from kids

Discussion Questions:

Habakkuk prayed to God because he did not understand what was happening. God answered Habakkuk, and Habakkuk learned to have faith and trust in God. 

Read aloud Habakkuk 1:5. Ask the following questions and discuss:

Why do you think Habakkuk chose to praise God no matter what?

Guide your kid(s) to recognize that Habakkuk learned to trust God, who is in control of all things. Habakkuk had faith that God does what is for His glory and our good. We don’t always understand God’s ways, but we can trust Him to take care of us. Read Phil. 4:11.

Where do you turn for comfort? Why?

 Invite your kid(s) to share where they turn when they face difficult circumstances. Remind kids that the Lord is with us and comforts us in our suffering. When we turn to Him, we can find peace and rest. Read Matt. 11:28. 

What hope do we have when evil seems to be everywhere?

Assure your kid(s) that even though evil may sometimes seem to win in the world, God is really in control. Like Habakkuk, we can have faith and trust in God. Sooner or later, God will punish the wicked, but it will be in His own time and in His own way. 

Read Prov. 20:22.


Triple Moves



Instruct everyone to stand up and move at least an arm’s length apart from one another. Teach everyone three different movements for key words you will say: •faith (stretch your arms out to the side) •joy (jump up and down) •patience (touch your toes). Practice each movement a few times. Explain that when you call out a word, everyone should perform the corresponding movement. Call out “faith,” “joy,” and “patience” randomly. If someone performs the wrong movement, they should sit down. The goal is to be the last player standing.

Activity Takeaway

Today we heard how Habakkuk learned to have faith and trust in God. Because God is in control of all things, we can live with faith, joy, and patience even when we don’t understand His ways. Injustice, violence, and wickedness surround us today, but we can trust that one day, Jesus will return to make all things right.

We hope you had enjoyed learning about Habakkuk. Make sure to print out the Home Activity Sheet below for more fun!

Activity Sheets

Citizens Kids 1st-2nd  Habakkuk Younger Kids
Citizens Kids 3rd-5th Habakkuk Older 1