Leader edition – where to be and when – Group Questions – Room assignments – Teams –

Help pass it along: – leaders only



2:00pm – Check in Church Office
2:45pm – Head to Camp
5:00pm – Arrive at Camp / Check into rooms
5:45pm – Chapel for Welcome & Rules & Lay of land
(No guys near girls rooms, girls near guys rooms / Your leader must know where you are at all times / be in the right place at the right time / in Rooms at 11, cant leave rooms until breakfast, pass out the Camp Schedule QR code)
6:00pm – Dinner from the Mess Hall
7:00pm – Chapel with Pastor Trey –
9:00pm – Free time / Smores at fire pit / Games
11:00pm – Rooms


8:30am – Breakfast  –  Mess Hall
9:15 am- Morning Session – chapel
10:00 am – Small Group time
11:00am – Morning Competitions –  Stadium– Team Names & Expedition
12:30pm – Lunch – Mess Hall
1:15pm – Free time

  • Trip downtown- Meet on field at 1:30
  • Surf Lessons – Beach 1:30
  • Shadow Boxing on the Beach – 2:30-3:00
  • Games on Field – 3:30-4:30

5:00pm  Evening Recreation | kickball
6:00pm- Dinner – picnic benches
7:00pm- Chapel with Pastor Chris
9:00pm – Walk to Ice Cream – Games on Field
11:00pm- Rooms


8:30am- Breakfast
9:15am- Morning Session – Chapel
10:00-10:45- Small Group time
11:00am- Morning Competitions – Stadium – Ultimate frisbie / Dodgeball in Gym
12:30pm- Lunch
1:15pm- Free time –

  • Trip downtown- Meet on the field at 1:30
  • Surf – Beach 1:30
  • 2:00-2:45 Spike Ball Comp on the Beach
  • Chess – 3:30-4:30 (benches by the beach)

5:00-5:45pm – Evening Recreation – Kickball –  field
6:00pm- Dinner – picnic benches
7:00pm- Chapel
9:00pm- Free time & Ice Cream Trip downtown
11:00pm- Rooms


7:30am – Start packing up
8:30am- Breakfast – Cafeteria
9:15am- Morning Session – Chapel (Baptism)
11:00am – Morning Competitions – Stadium. – Steal the Bacon – Kajabe Can Can
12:15pm – Lunch
12:45pm – Chapel – Winner ceremony – Worship – Communion

1:30am – Group Picture
1:40pm – Load Cars
2:00pm – Head Home
12:00 Arrive at Church Office


Small group questions will be listed here daily



Room 101- KRISTIAN
Adalyn Norman- A
Avianna Pagdileo- A
Natalie Bodden- B
Rosalie Holland- B
Olive Bonetti- C
Hailey Martinez- C
Everleigh Boucher- D
Emery Mountain- D
Kristian- D

Room 102- GEMMA
MaryLou Rosales- A
Samantha Rosales-A
Paige Green-B
Jamie Green-B
Paige McGee- C
Baylee Raymond-C
Malina Neal- D
Emma Hawkins- D
Gemma- D

Room 103- CASSIDY
Savannah Homme- A
Monica Miles- A
Cammi Buster-B
Gracie Hunt-B
Lyli Norwood- C
Ellie DeLloyd-C
Bailey Feigner-D
Lazette Ramirez-D
Cassidy- D

Room 104- RYAH
Cece Fortuna- A
Marie Crider- A
Brooklyn Ruiz- B
MeKayla Rodriguez – B
Kyleigh Meketarian- B
Daryiane Thompson- C
Natalee Reimer- C
Rose Crider- D
Camille Fortuna- D
Ryah- D

Elle Megerle- A
Heavenly Alfaro- A
Olivia Fisher- B
Katie P.- B
Cameron Land- C
Madalyn Alexander- C
Cadence Norman- D
Sienna Batalo – D
Sydney- D


Room 202- COLBY
Colby- A
Elias- A
John Crider- B
Noah Destitger- B
Bradley Carlson- C
Joe Buster- C
Trenton- C
Isaiah Destitger- D
Luke Fornelli- D
Jude Roberts- D

Room 203- JOSH/SONNY
Titus Merrill- A
Micah Tagalog- A
Cole Fornelli- B
Kole Cameron- B

Sonny- B
Jason Dressell- C
Nathan Morff- C
Luke Martinez- D
Ethan Tivet- D
Josh- D

Kadin Roberts- A
Zeke Lopez- A
Matteo Plymessor- B
Christian Bodden- B
Elias- B
Jaden Batalo- C
Cooper Meketarian- C
Toby Fisher- D
Kadin Cameron- D
Jjohn- D


YELLOW TEAM: Ryah, Daniel –  Adalyn, Everleigh, Paige McGee, Cammi, Cece, Rose, Cameron, Isaiah, Titus, Luke M., Jaden, Calista, Summer, Rylen, Kaden, Luke H.

PURPLE TEAM : Gemma, Mante – Avianna, Emery, Baylee R., Gracie, Marie , Camille, Madalyn, Luke F., Micah, Ethan, Cooper, Malachi, Taylor, Delilah, Drew, Grant 

WHITE TEAM.  Josh, Meghan – Natalie, MaryLou, Malina Neal, Lyli N., Brooklyn R., Elle M., Bradley, Cade, Cole F., Kadin R., Toby, Evaleina, Bailee, Shiloh, Owen, Jacob

BLACK TEAM : Colby, Amanda – Rosalie, Samantha, Emma H., Ellie D., MeKayla, Heavenly, Sienna, Joe, Kole C., Zeke, Kadin Cameron, Charlotte, Julianna, Zane, Joseph, Syrus

PINK TEAM: Cassidy/Sydney – Olive, Paige Green, Savannah, Bailey F., Daryiane, Olivia, John, Jason , Matteo, Christiana, Trinity, Reyez, Gavin, Ryan, Kyleigh 

RED TEAM: Kristian/Sonny – Hailey M., Jamie, Monica, Lazette, Natalee R., Katie, Jude, Noah, Nathan, Christian, Kloie, Christianna, Oliver, Tyler Y., Cody , Trenton


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