God has an incredible plan for your 2022 and we’re here to help you discover and walk in all of it!

Join us on January 23 as we kick off this new year Citizens’ style and go running toward everything God has for our lives!


Each new year we have the opportunity for NEW THINGS that move our lives in NEW DIRECTIONS.
As Citizens enters its 8th year of ministry (the number of “new beginnings”) our prayer for you is to discover the new hope, new strength, and new dreams that God desires to give. Don’t miss out on what God has in store for you.


In 2022 we’re aiming to reach more people than ever before!

Every one of us knows somebody who is close to us but maybe far from God. This new year kick-off is the perfect opportunity to have them join you as we step into the new together.

Feel free to GIVE US YOUR 5 NAMES HERE and we’ll commit to praying for them with you. Then just make sure to invite them out to our special NEW YEARS KICK OFF PARTY on JANUARY 23RD. Let’s believe God to change lives and bring hope as they experience Citizens and listen as pastor Chris presents a message of hope.

Download the image and share it on you favorite social media platform. Tag your friend and let’s spread the word.