God has an incredible purpose for your life, and Life Track is designed to take you on a journey to discover that purpose. At Life Track, you will spend four Sundays diving into what it looks like to know God, grow in community, discover purpose, and make a difference.

Life Track happens every month in four consecutive Sundays, starting with Step 1 on the first Sunday of the month. We invite you to jump in at any time!

Life Track is held weekly at 11am in our Life Track classroom, right next door to the Chapel. Anyone 6th grade and older is welcome to attend, and kids 0-5th grade can be checked into Citizens Kids during Life Track. Our host team will help point you in the right direction, just ask.


My Church
In My Church, you will learn the story, beliefs, structure and why of Citizens Church. It will also be an introduction to all that you’ll learn through Life Track.

First Sunday of every month.
My Crew
My Crew is all about learning what it means to know God and grow in community. You’ll learn about the essential habits of a believer and how being connected to a community encourages you to grow.
Second Sunday of every month.
My Purpose
In My Purpose, you will discover how God uniquely created you with a purpose. You’ll take personality and spiritual gifts assessments to determine your uniqueness and learn how you can serve others in the way God designed.
Third Sunday of every month.
My Place
In the final step of Life Track, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to get connected to the cTEAM at Citizens Church based on your personality and spiritual gifts.
Fourth Sunday of every month.