What we have experienced together in the last three years is absolutely beyond words. We’ve had a front row seat to a powerful work of God that is shaping our communities and transforming lives. We believe that what we have seen so far is just the beginning.

This Year, with the goal of seeing more lives changed, Citizens Church will be launching a second campus in Beaumont and moving forward with the plans to open our first permanent campus in Redlands. We have identified several potential facilities in Redlands and are currently locking arms with each of you to raise the funds needed for this location. Raising $1.5 million will give us the ability to lease and renovate the Redlands Campus, while raising an additional $2 million will allow us to purchase.

If you would like to join in on what God is doing at Citizens or have any questions please let us know? Your generosity in giving will help to see even more people experience life in Christ.


By mail:  P.O. BOX 7525, Redlands Ca 92375

*choose the “Feedback Offering” in the dropdown menu on the giving page.